Charles RougeauCharles is a Louisiana Native with over 16 years and a degree in Computer Information Systems. In his teenage years, Charles was exposed to the world of programming. At 17, Charles was taking a computer course involving programming and by his senior year, he was going to his high school classes in the mornings and attending college courses in the afternoons with a focus on technology and math.

“At the time, everything was brand new. PC’s hadn’t been around long and the internet barely existed. I have always thought logically and developing applications is a very logical process.”

Charles originally began his career as a developer. After four years of it, he became uninterested and began Networking with R & D Networking. After 8 years of working with networking and operating system he began learning about VoIP and voice applications while working at BellSouth, Charles took an interest and brought his expertise to Ascendant Technology Partners which later merged with Transformyx. He is now Vice President of Unified Communications at Transformyx.

After several years in the field of technology, Charles has seen it change and develop into something completely different.

“It just amazes me that technology is so accessible now. When I first started, the internet was just starting to roll out and now it’s such a big part of what we do on a daily basis. Just think about how fast it is now and how many people it can reach.”

When Charles isn’t working he enjoys tennis, spending time with his wife of 12 years, his twin boys and his Golden Retriever named Hank.

Charles has high hopes for the world of technology and for Transformyx.

“I think that at some point in the near future, our world will become like the Jetson’s with video phone calls and everything connected in some form or fashion.”

Charles sees Transformyx as a part of that evolution. He sees Transformyx as the leader in technology in the state of Louisiana, at the front line of technology.